Traffic Law

Have you received an expiation notice for a traffic offence and you don’t know whether you have grounds to challenge it? Why not call Mac and Co Lawyers for a free initial consult to get an idea of the ins and outs of disputing a traffic fine?

Some common expiation notices are for speeding, parking, red light, fail to give way and talking on a mobile phone. The reason these kinds of charges make people anxious is usually to do with demerit points. Sometimes people are just cross that they have been fined for something they don’t think they actually did.

Are you aware of the good behaviour option for SA drivers who reach or exceed their demerit point allowance? If you are eligible for this option, you will be notified by Service SA when you receive your notice of disqualification. Instead of serving the period of disqualification you will be able to elect to be on the good behaviour option which means you can drive but during the 12 months of the option, you cannot incur more than 1 demerit point. The consequences of incurring more than 1 demerit point are that you would lose lose your license for double the length of the original disqualification.

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