P Plate Appeals

student driver

Mac and Co Lawyers help drivers get their probationary licence back after being disqualified due to a breach of conditions.

Have you breached your P1 or P2 provisional licence conditions? If you are able to show the court that the disqualification will cause severe and unusual hardship, you may successful in an appeal.

Jessie MacGillivray has experience arguing these appeals before the court and helping her clients get their licence back. Successful appeals are more likely when we can anticipate all of the court’s questions about why a disqualification will cause you severe and unusual hardship.

What do you need to do first? Call Mac and Co Lawyers on 0413 939 236 and explain your situation. If it’s appropriate to file an appeal, Jessie will tell you how to do that. We will schedule an appointment to take your instructions and put together a plan for presenting the appeal in court.

Mac and Co Lawyers recognises that licence appeals are normally needed by those under financial strain and as such we offer a fixed price of $340 to prepare and appear for you in court. Call now to speak to Jessie MacGillivray, firm principal of Mac and Co.