Criminal Law

Having worked on more than 1000 cases, Jessie MacGillivray is an expert in representing clients charged with criminal offences. Some of the cases she has worked on are:

  • dishonesty offences such as theft, unlawful possession, obtain financial advantage, deception, Centrelink fraud, dishonest dealings with documents, going equipped
  • drug trafficking, manufacture and cultivation
  • drug possession
  • sex offences such as rape, indecent assault and child exploitation material
  • assaults where the complainant is a police officer
  • domestic violence assaults
  • breach of good behaviour bonds, suspended sentences and bail
  • arson, mark graffiti and property damage
  • firearms offences, possession of weapons
  • serious driving offences
  • robbery including bank robbery
  • stalking, threaten to kill
  • explosive devices
  • illegal interference with motor vehicle
  • serious criminal trespass or burglary
  • disorderly behaviour, offensive language, resist arrest, throw missile

The most important aspect of your case is always you and Jessie strives to work out the best result in your particular case.

If you are anxious about your case please reach out as soon as possible – a good criminal defence lawyer will put your mind at ease and calmly set out all of your options.

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