Jessie MacGillivray is the principal lawyer at Mac and Co Lawyers in Adelaide, South Australia.

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About Us

Jessie MacGillivray, criminal lawyer started Mac and Co Lawyers when she wanted to do something that would open up access to justice for more people. The firm is committed to providing representation that will protect the rights of its clients. We acknowledge that not everyone comes from a level playing field, some lives are harder than others and it is our job as lawyers to bring these issues to the attention of the court where appropriate.

We need to hear your side of the story to help you

After many years in practice we know that police apprehension reports can be inaccurate. It is our job to expose unfairness and also to bring about the best result for our clients. We will ask you what the best outcome looks like for you and work towards that. In order to do that we need to listen to you and have good open communication.

We will advise you on strategy

There are many ways to skin a cat in the law. We use our knowledge of the law and practical understanding of the system to offer you advice on the best way to handle things. At Mac and Co Lawyers we specialise in technical defences in traffic charges and criminal charges.

Jessie MacGillivray, the firm principal at Mac and Co Lawyers

  • Admitted to practice in 2008 after having worked as a graduate at the Department for Correctional Services.
  • Commenced legal practice in 2008 at the Legal Services Commission in South Australia. Here she practised in general law advice and criminal defence law.
  • Moving to private practice in 2012, Jessie honed her criminal law skills and worked on high profile matters such as murder, rape, robbery and drug manufacture and drug trafficking.
  • In 2014 Jessie took the step towards a broader practice base by working as an investigator at the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.
  • To further her existing strong criminal law advocacy skills, in 2016 Jessie took up a position with Victoria Legal Aid in Melbourne as a criminal lawyer.
  • Member of Australian Women Lawyers Inc
  • Member of Law Society of South Australia

Jessie is a fearless and strategic practitioner with a strong emphasis on viewing each client as an individual whose story is important.

Jessie has successfully represented people charged with aggravated assault, causing harm, manufacture and traffic in drugs, sexual offences like unlawful sexual intercourse, rape and possession of child exploitation material, theft, unlawful possession, dishonest dealings with documents, arson, property damage, robbery, serious criminal trespass, acts endangering life and many others.

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